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Books Worth Reading

In this series Ratnaguna interviews someone who thinks a book is worth reading, and asks them to explain why they think so.

Articles in the series:

Road to somewhere
In this very stimulating interview Thomas Hamilton-Shaw talks about two books by David Goodhart: The Road to Somewhere and Head Hand Heart. Tom is a friend of David and was his research assistant for the second book.
Posted in: Culture
Walking with the wind
In this podcast, the second in our series Books Worth Reading, Aryajit interviews Ratnaguna on Walking with the Wind by the Civil Rights activist John Lewis. Very inspiring.
Posted in: Politics
In this interview - the first in the new series Books Worth Reading - Ratnaguna interviews Jñanavaca on The Master and His Emissary by Iain McGilchrist, and finds out why he thinks it is a book well worth reading.
Posted in: Philosophy


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