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Buddhist perspectives on
society and culture

Cézanne: the sacred and profane

Maitreyabandhu is an award-winning poet, and in this illuminating interview he tells Ratnaguna about his latest volume of poetry, After Cézanne. He also reads three of the poems from the book, while we look at the paintings that inspired them, and he discusses both the poems and the paintings with Ratnaguna. A must-watch interview.

The titles of the paintings and the poems associated with them are:

  • 1. Le Buffet (1877).Poem: The Apple’s Progress.
  • 2. The Black Marble Clock (c. 1870).Poem: The Black Clock.
  • 3. Mont Sante- Victoire (c. 1900).Poem: The Painting of a Mountain.

After Cézanne is published by Bloodaxe Books.

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