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Why listen to classical music?

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Director and conductor of the New Hampshire Philharmonic Orchestra, and member of the Triratna Buddhist Order Sravaniya (Mark Latham), tells Ratnaguna why he thinks classical music is important.

Notice: The quality of the sound and vision of this podcast is patchy in places, especially when Ratnaguna speaks. Happily he doesn’t speak very much, and the quality of Sravaniya’s sound and picture is on the whole good. There are also a few occasions when there is a time lag between speakers, and at one point a quiet ‘beeping’ can be heard. Notwithstanding the sometimes poor quality of the recording we thought it was well worth publishing because what Sravaniya says is fascinating and insightful.

Music mentioned by Sravaniya:

  • Beethoven, 9th Symphony.
  • Bach, the Allemande from Partita number 2 for solo violin.
  • Erik Satie, Gymnopedie.
  • George Crumb, Black Angels.
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