Buddhist perspectives on society and culture

Podcasts 3

Here is a list of our podcasts including narrated articles. You can also listen to Apramada Podcasts on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.
A conversation on wise policy making
A conversation on the series ‘A Good Heart is not enough’.
The Buddha’s Reasons for Being Ethical
Why should we be ethical?
Despised - why the modern left loathes the working class
Why the Modern Left Loathes the Working Class
Contemplations on Dukkha
What is the root of our suffering and how can it be quenched? What did the Buddha discover?
The Master and his Emissary
Jñanavaca on The Master and His Emissary.
Politics as Cognitive Anti-Therapy
Political ideologies can undermine psychological functioning.
Nick Gauntlett
The Dionysian and the Apollonian
Ratnaguna asks guitarist Nick Gauntlett about his love of progressive rock, and what it has to do with his Dharma practice.
Buddhism and Psychology
Ratnaguna and Advayacitta discuss aspects of Buddhism and psychological therapy – their similarities and differences.
Arguing with the Buddha Part Two
Ratnaguna looks at instances from ancient texts of the Buddha debating, and draws out lessons that we can learn from him.
Evolution: changing our paradigm
Silavadin discusses the materialist view of evolution and, following the philosopher Thomas Nagel.
Cézanne: the sacred and profane
Maitreyabandhu’s latest volume of poetry, After Cézanne.
Arguing with the Buddha Part One
The Buddha was aware of the dangers of engaging in debates, and he had some observations about how to conduct discussions.
Why listen to classical music?
Sravaniya says why he thinks classical music is important.
Music, Meaning and Mantra
Advayacitta interviewed about the importance and meaning of music in general, and in particular of the chanting of mantras.
What is Buddhism?
This article is intended for those who are curious about Buddhism but as yet knows little about it.
When you enter the temple, leave your politics at the door
The importance of Buddhists transcending political ideologies.
Consciousness and Rebirth
Ratnaguna interviews Advayacitta about the nature of consciousness, and how this relates to the question of rebirth.


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