Buddhist perspectives on society and culture


Buddhist perspectives on
society and culture

What the world most needs: True Individuals 

Advayacitta interviews Ratnaguna on the importance of individuality, especially in this moment of political polarisation, identity politics, and intolerance of views other than one’s own.

The Burden of Guilt

In this, the first in a series of short reflections on his work as a clinical psychologist, Advayacitta considers the phenomenon of irrational guilt

Patterns from the Past

Ratnaguna interviews Advayacitta about how recognising and transcending various patterns from the past is an important aspect of psychological and spiritual development.

Spiritual Communities and the World

Ratnaguna explains what a spiritual community is and is not, and makes a case for spiritual communities changing the world for the better.

Politics as Cognitive Anti-Therapy

Head in Hands

Advayacitta, a clinical psychologist, explores how political ideologies can undermine psychological functioning, thereby harming individuals and whole societies.

Buddhism and Psychology

Ratnaguna and Advayacitta discuss aspects of Buddhism and psychological therapy – their similarities and differences. In particular they explore the topic of ‘helpful conversations’.


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