Buddhist perspectives on society and culture


Buddhist perspectives on
society and culture

Imaging Wisdom and Compassion

Chintamani has been creating Buddhist images for Western Buddhists for 50 years. Ratnaguna asks him about his approach to this and, looking at seven of his paintings and sculptures, how his work has evolved.

The Other Side of Populism

Road to somewhere

In this very stimulating interview Thomas Hamilton-Shaw talks about two books by David Goodhart: The Road to Somewhere and Head Hand Heart. Tom is a friend of David and was his research assistant for the second book.

The Dionysian and the Apollonian

Ratnaguna asks guitarist Nick Gauntlett about his love of progressive rock music, and what it has to do with his Dharma practice. We also hear some of the music he has recorded, including a song he wrote as part of a concept album on the Buddha.

Cézanne: the sacred and profane

Maitreyabandhu is an award-winning poet, and in this illuminating interview he tells Ratnaguna about his latest volume of poetry, After Cézanne.

Why listen to classical music?

Director and conductor of the New Hampshire Philharmonic Orchestra, and member of the Triratna Buddhist Order Sravaniya (Mark Latham), tells Ratnaguna why he thinks classical music is important.


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