Buddhist perspectives on society and culture


Buddhist perspectives on
society and culture

Climate of Fear

mushroom cloud

Advayacitta begins to explore the history of climate change politics. He investigates the cultural context within which preoccupation with global warming developed. It was a context notable for its intense fear of disasters.

Buddhism and Physics, Part Two


In this second article on Buddhism and physics, Advayacitta explores an important parallel between Relativity Theory and the Buddhist doctrine of śunyata.

A Burning House?

A Burning House?

In ‘The Burning House’, a Buddhist shares his Dharma insights, promising practical resources for those moved to respond to a perceived climate emergency. This review explores the author’s depiction of the problem, and his solutions.

Evolution: changing our paradigm

In this interview Silavadin discusses the materialist view of evolution and, following the philosopher Thomas Nagel, proposes a different paradigm: that there is a cosmic predisposition to the formation of life, consciousness and value.

Buddhism and Physics, Part One


In this article Advayacitta begins to explore interesting parallels between two core Buddhist principles, and modern physics.


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